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We created GuestVessel to provide free, short-term accommodations to families who prefer the comforts of home when traveling.  We love our city, and fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you view it!) so do our friends and family.

Living in a big city can pose some problems when out-of-town guests come to visit.  Making friends and family stay at a hotel, on top of their other travel costs, is less than hospitable.  Grandma shouldn't miss baby's first steps just because a nearby hotel charges thousands per week.  She could stay at your place, but let's face it, your sofa isn't exactly comfortable.

As world travelers, we had already discovered the benefits of renting spacious vacation apartments instead of staying in cramped hotel rooms.  And when we travelled our home often sat empty, while our houseplants slowly withered away.  We realized that making our home available to out-of-town visitors was a win-win situation.  We were not looking for a vacation house swap and we didn't want to get into the rental business.  We hoped that if we could accommodate another family in our area, with out-of-town guests, they might return the favor.


After lots of searching, we found a family that had a vacation planned for the same week our relatives came to town.  Perfect!  We were able to offer our family the use of a gorgeous, comfortable 2-bedroom apartment in New York City for FREE!  In return, we offered the people who let us use their home our empty apartment the next time we went of vacation, which they used to accommodate visiting relatives.  Everyone was happy, not a penny was spent, and both of these temporarily vacant homes were put to good use!

Out of that experience, and many other similar ones, GuestVessel was.


Whether you're looking for extra living space for visitors, or if you'll be traveling and need a home to stay in, with GuestVessel you will never pay for accommodations.  You offer the use of your home whenever you wish.  GuestVessel stands alone in our secure member screening process and convenient token system.  Thanks to these innovations you can offer your home with peace of mind.  And when you are ready to travel, you are not locked into using only the home of families you have accommodated through GuestVessel.  With GuestVessel you can choose from all member homes, based on availability.  GuestVessel is the only source for this sort of secure non-simultaneous vacation swap.

We are proud of GuestVessel's uniquely flexible, secure system.  GuestVessel is  a community of smart traveller just like you.

Welcome to GuestVessel.



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