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GuestVessel is the hospitality solution for Urbanites who love to travel, or have lots of visitors from out of town and little extra room.  Forget about over-priced hotel rooms. Don't force guests to sleep on your sofa. Use GuestVessel instead. Click.Stay.Enjoy

The GuestVessel community is built on reciprocity.  You earn tokens each time a community member books and uses your home.  In return, when you need space for guests, or if you're traveling out of town, use your tokens to book a stay at another GuestVessel member's home.

Letting a larger family use your home earns you more tokens.  Redeem tokens you have earned for more nights for you and a friend, or fewer nights for your own large group. 



Old fashioned vacation swaps force most members to vacation at the same time as their home exchange partners.  Our innovative Token System gives GuestVessel members the flexibility to travel where and when they chose.  And only GuestVessel is set up to securely provide extra living space for our members' visiting friends and family.
Tokens are allocated as follows per night:

1 bedroom2 bedroom3 bedroom

The are just 3 easy steps to getting there:
Sign up by choosing your membership type.

Tell other members about your home and family with our easy listing maker.  Be sure to add photos of your home (properties with photos get ten times the inquiries of those without).

Verify you own or rent your home by sending a recent utility bill to us.  Just click here for contact details.

That's it!  Our site guides you through the whole process.  In just a few easy steps you will be ready to earn free GuestVessel accommodations.



We're very serious about the safety of our members and their properties.  GuestVessel has the most secure member verification system of any home exchange club.  We require all members to prove that the home they list is either owned or rented by them.

Just send us a copy of a recent residential utility bill with your name and address clearly visible.  We will then adjust your profile page so that all other members know that your property has been verified.  Accepted utility bills include gas, electric or propane.  Mobile phone bills cannot be accepted as proof of residence.

All US members are also required to agree to a nationwide criminal background check before they can make a booking.  (See Terms and Conditions for full details).  Only GuestVessel provides this level of security for our members.

Members' level of verification (without any personal data) is visible for all GuestVessel members on the profile page.  You can chose to let members of any verification level use your home.

Non-US members' profiles can show address verification, but criminal checks are currently only available for US residents.

To further increase safety and security we ask all members to fill out a 30 second survey after each GuestVessel use.  This helps GuestVessel members demonstrate their hospitality and respectful use of others' homes.

These innovative features make GuestVessel the safest and most secure home swapping website in the world.

GuestVessel offers affordable travel insurance (as little as $15) tailored to the needs of the Home Exchangers.  Insurance is currently available to all members whose GuestVessel exchanges originate in the US or Canada.   

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