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Travel insurance

GuestVessel is pleased to announce it’s partnership with CHEC Travel (Certified Home Exchange Community) to bring the first and only travel insurance plan exclusively for the home exchanger, to our members: Travel Guard’s Home Exchange Protection Plan.

The policy can be purchased with any home exchange originating in the USA or Canada ONLY.

Ø  Coverage Starts at $15 (and includes $1,500 Damage Waiver)

Ø  NO Deductible or age differential

Ø  Plus many more benefits (Trip cancellation, medical etc)

Please email or call 415-789-1321 to find out more and receive the necessary password.

Full Details

Coverage starts at just $15 and is 5.3% of your total non-refundable expenses. The policy covers all members of the insured exchange party. Trips must originate in the US or Canada.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption (Maximum of $10,000 per booking)

Reimbursement for prepaid travel arrangements, including airfare, if the home exchanger must cancel or interrupt the exchange for any of the following unforeseen reasons:

Sickness, Injury, or death of an Insured, Immediate Family Member, Traveling Companion, or Business Partner.


Sickness, Injury or death of the Exchange Partner. A Physician must certify the Injury or Sickness

Inclement Weather conditions causing delay or cancellation of travel

The Insured’s principal residence or destination being made uninhabitable by fire, flood, or similar Natural Disaster, vandalism, or burglary

Insured being subpoenaed, required to serve on jury duty, hijacked, or quarantined

Insured being involved in or delayed due to an automobile accident en route to departure

Strike, resulting in the complete cessation of travel services at the point of departure or Destination

A Terrorist Incident in a City listed on the Insured’s itinerary within 30 days of the Insured’s scheduled arrival.


$ 1,500 Home Exchange Damage Waiver

Coverage for damage caused by the insured exchanger at the residence of the insured’s home exchange partner

The Insured will be reimbursed for the cost of repair or replacement of such property up to the Maximum Limit


$ 500 Trip Delay ($100 maximum per day)

Reimburses for reasonable additional expenses if an Insured is delayed for 12 or more hours due to:

Carrier caused delay

Lost or stolen passport, travel documents, or money


Natural Disaster

Injury or Sickness of the Insured or Traveling Companion.


$ 1,000 Baggage & Personal Effects Including Loss, Theft or Damage to:


Passports and visas

Loss due to unauthorized use of the Insured’s credit cards


$ 100 Baggage Delay

Reimburses for the purchase necessary personal effects if baggage is delayed or misdirected for more than 24 hours from the time the Insured arrives at the Destination


$ 20,000 Medical Expense

If insurance is purchased with initial Trip payment, the Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion will be waived.

The Insurer will pay the Insured’s Reasonable and Customary Charges incurred for medical and surgical services, treatments, or supplies.

The Insurer will pay emergency dental treatment during a Trip

The Insurer will pay for covered medical expenses incurred by the Insured for up to year after the date of Injury or Sickness provided initial treatment was received during the Trip while coverage is in effect.


$ 50,000 Emergency Medical Transportation includes:

The Insurer will pay for Reasonable and Customary Charges for medical services required for evacuation to the nearest adequate medical facility or home if medically required. This service will be arranged only if the Insured’s Physician determines that evacuation is necessary

Reasonable and necessary charges for escort expenses required by Insured, if the Insured is disabled during a Trip, and an escort is recommended, in writing, by the attending Physician;

Reasonable and necessary charges for services for transportation of the Insured’s remains to his/her city of burial if he/she dies during a Trip


Included Travel Guard Assist

This is an assistance benefit

Reasons an insured might call Travel Guard Assist for assistance include:

Lost passport or travel documents

Assistance with lost baggage

Emergency cash transfers

Emergency travel arrangements

Flight rebooking

Roadside assistance

Prescription replacement

Physician/hospital/dental/vision referrals

Coordinating medical transportation


Please email or call 415-789-1321 to find out more and receive the necessary password.


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